The age-old fray stands – you get dog people, and you get cat people. We, proudly, are the former and will stop at nothing to get ourselves in front of the friendly, wagging slobberers. Lucky for us (and the Internet), dog photography has picked up dramatically in the past couple of years, and with it a string of creative pet owners and photo curators. Instagram itself has taken a giant pounce towards supporting furry models with their #WeeklyFluff insert every Monday, and with hashtags like “dog” and “dogsofinstagram” reaching over a hundred million tags, it’s no wonder every dog and his human are getting dressed up for the occasion.

With such a rise in well-timed pooch photography, our quest for the top doggie Instagram accounts began. Believe me, it was tough to narrow it down to only 25 accounts, so if you feel we missed some important ones, please share them in the comments below.


@ThisWildIdea – The original pooch pop star on Instagram, Maddie has always had a story to tell. You’ll often find this traveling Coonhound standing on things.

This Wild Idea | How Far From Home


@TheDogist – If you haven’t heard of him already, where have you been? Seriously.

The Dogist | How Far From Home


@IfItWags – These Pointer Brothers will have you wishing you had a GSP or two.

If It Wags | How Far From Home


@AndrewKnapp – Find Momo as he road trips in a VW van around the USA, inspiring you to travel with your best friend.

Andrew Knapp | How Far From Home


@RileyBeann – This cute orange Brittany dog will have you smiling with every pic.

Riley Beann | How Far From Home


@iChaity – Spreading a message of good health for humans and dogs, meet Riley the Parson French Canadian dog.

iChaity | How Far From Home


@WeekdayBest – Striking watercolour paintings that will inject more colour into your dog-loving feed.

Weekday Best | How Far From Home


@Loki_The_Wolfdog – Loki, the Husky, Malamute and Wolf all rolled into one – definitely one for the outdoors.

Loki The Wolfdog | How Far From Home


@JermzLee – Master of the dog selfie.

JermzLee | How Far From Home


@Quite_A_Red – This redhead definitely has more fun.

Quite A Red | How Far From Home


@StefanDahlqvist – Get a glimpse into a Husky musher’s life in the Arctic circle. He’s also the owner of 13 gorgeous Siberian Huskies.

Stefan Dahlqvist | How Far From Home


@PixelPaws – Our own doggie account, capturing snouts from around the world.

Pixel Paws | How Far From Home


@DogsBestMan – A photo story of an Irish Wolfhound named Sheelagh, and many other dogs from Bergen, Norway.

Dogs Best Man | How Far From Home


@Vsusik – Stylistic portraiture of man’s best friend.

Vsusik | How Far From Home


@RafaelMantesso – One of the more creative duos out there – Rafael Mantesso and his English Bull Terrier Jimmy Choo.

Rafael Mantesso | How Far From Home


@DogsOfInstagram – The most popular feature page on Instagram, offering the best in dog photography.

Dogs Of Instagram | How Far From Home


@LapphundTuisku – So furry, so fun, so Finnish.

Lapland Tuisku | How Far From Home


@WyoPetPhotos – Talented pet photographer capturing engaging doggie portraits, from North-Western USA.

Wyo Pet Photos | How Far From Home


@RustyRodas – Rescued Golden Retriever with more personality than most. Proving that dogs can trust again if given a chance.

Rusty Rodas | How Far From Home


@PS.NY – Fluffy European living in NYC.

PS.NY | How Far From Home


@JohnStortz – This little guy will make you want to get out into the wilderness.

John Stortz | How Far From Home


@ServiceDog_Brandi – Beautiful and bright, see behind the scenes of a medical alert dog’s life.

Service Dog Brandi | How Far From Home


@Ma_Hovina –A tastefully art directed feed of one of our favourite GSPs.

Ma_Hovina | How Far From Home


@NorthWestMommy – One five-year old boy, two gorgeous Newfoundlands, and the occasional horse.

North West Mommy | How Far From Home


@TheFugee – Some of the best-timed doggie snaps from two Border Collie shelter mutts.

The Fugee | How Far From Home


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