Over the past 7 months we have put a lot of love into our little WordPress site.

It has become a diary for our travels, and a place to hold all the work we’ve created along the way. The WordPress system is brilliant and easy, because it allows code-illiterate people (like ourselves) to create websites and reach a whole bunch of people from all over the world.

We have now, however, reached a point where we desire a little more control; you could say we have grown up :) and that is why we have moved to the new self-hosting site of How Far From Home with WordPress.org. It won’t look any different now (although if you spot some bugs, we’d really appreciate knowing about them), but over the coming weeks we’ll be updating and evolving.

As a result of the migration, we will no longer be able to email anyone who subscribed to our blog using WordPress.com as a blogger, but email subscriptions are good i.e. if you subscribed to receive our posts via email – we have you covered and all is well!

But if you subscribed to follow us using WordPress.com’s follow button for bloggers (and are still interested in receiving our weekly, sometimes bi-weekly posts via email) please head on over to the new site and subscribe – we’ve made it easy by making it the first thing you see.

Thanks all!

Chanel & Stevo

As always > check us out on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest if you aren’t already.



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  1. Exciting stuff for using new web applications [Though the link to the new site leads back to what looks like your original space \(^O^)/ ]

    Any chance you could E-mail me the info on visas? It’s been over a month since you said you would shoot me a message on how you guys go through all these countries. Since I am trying to plan the trip soon, your information could help me out a ton.

    – Sam



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