They say “home is where the heart is”. Who are they and do they know that one can keep body organs fresh in the home freezer for only three to four hours on ice…or so I’ve heard.

Hi, officially. I’m Chanel (the one who does most of the writing) and my other half, a.k.a. Stevo (the better photographer). We met in the Spring of 2010 on a blind date. Yes. Both of us were crazy enough to accept the invite, and the ‘conversation’ has been good enough to keep us together for half a decade. When we met, the ‘Yes Man’ theory was a strong force, particularly with me. Remember the movie from the early naughts with Jim Carrey? The one where he chooses to say “yes” to absolutely everything? Well it inspired me around the time I met Stevo. I was literally saying “yes” to everything, and it opened up my world to seeing new places and meeting new faces, such as Stevo’s.

After nearly 15 combined years of work in the advertising and branding industries, our lives were pretty set. They were filled with family, friends, amazing jobs, shiny cars and a beautiful home. Sounds pretty great, hey? Well we thought so too…until we felt the routine of perfection creeping up on us and aging us with its complacency. We were no longer feeling challenged, and thinking back to the last time my life hit a little wall, the ‘Yes Man’ theory had risen its shiny head again, except this time, there was two of us saying “yes” to the world, and all it has to offer. We’re looking at a journey that allows us to live outside of the shuddering comfort zone, and gives us the opportunity to say “yes” to a whole bunch of crazy cool experiences whilst fueling our creative needs.

So on March 2nd 2015, we waved goodbye to sunny South Africa, and said “yes” to the next available flight.

Time to embark on a little creative exploration.



We are both creative thinkers and believe that everything (we sincerely mean everything) can be conquered with a little creative thinking. So join us as we try figure out how far we can go from home (and of course home, in the figurative sense, meaning anything comfortable and safe). Hope you enjoy! Oh – and feel free to comment leaving us challenges we can say “yes” to. We’ll do (almost) anything if it is:

1. Challenging us to get outside the area of comfort and safety; and

2. Sparking creative thinking.

Catch us on the socials to follow our many travels and adventures:

How Far From Home on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest

Or talk to us how adults talk: howfarfromhomeblog@gmail.com


A little more info about Chanel

Award-winning ex-Creative Director who sold (almost) everything she owned to reinvigorate her creativity and challenge herself on a year-long journey around the world. Chanel is the global custodian of the ‘Yes Man’ theory and lives by the motto, ‘collect memories, not things’. She’s also obsessed with sweet baked goods, on a mission to visit every Patisserie in the world and is living caffeine- and dairy-free.

Find her on Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter.


And Stevo

Award-winning Creative Professional, forever bound to his camera and Wacom – Stevo is the calculated introvert, driven by a sense of knowledge-hunger and the overwhelming need to create. Stevo’s view of the world is often nothing short of unusual, while his passion for conceptual thinking makes him an asset to any difficult situation. He’s also a HUGE fan of golf and cricket.

Find him on Instagram500pxVimeo and Behance.



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