This portfolio is solely for the work we have created during our journey. If you feel like you can’t enough and want more, check out Steve’s 500px and Instagram feeds, and Chanel’s Instagram feed.

Look, give feedback, reference and collaborate.






HFFH-Photography-36HFFH-Photography-37HFFH-Photography-35HFFH-Photography-34HFFH-Photography-45HFFH-Photography-33HFFH-Photography-26HFFH-Photography-31HFFH-Photography-32HFFH-Photography-28HFFH-Photography-30HFFH-Photography-29HFFH-Photography-27HFFH-Photography-25HFFH-Photography-24HFFH-Photography-23HFFH-Photography-19HFFH-Photography-21HFFH-Photography-20HFFH-Photography-22HFFH-Photography-18Oslo Norway | How Far From Home

1440x550-berlinHFFH-Photography-17Photography | How Far From HomePhotography | How Far From HomePhotography | How Far From HomePhotography | How Far From HomePhotography | How Far From HomeHFFH-Photography-11HFFH-Photography-01HFFH-Photography-02HFFH-Photography-03HFFH-Photography-04HFFH-Photography-05HFFH-Photography-06HFFH-Photography-07HFFH-Photography-08HFFH-Photography-09HFFH-Photography-10



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  1. Realmente admirables…. hermosa decision!!!!


  2. This photographs are lovely! I’ve just read an article about your journey of quitting your job and travel the world. That’s bold! But I am sure you have seen the world differently even though it’s tough. Keep taking pictures! :)


  3. Hallo i have admiration about you..wonder travel the world….if you went from verona…wraite me mail and nice to meet you….by by giovanna….were are you now?


  4. Bellissimo!!!
    You are in Florence now! i live near.
    Good travel!


  5. Love the pics! Love the intestinal fortitude to take the time to give it a bash and stick with it!! noticed you’ve already been to Australia, to N2 just 5 mins from where we live. Trying to work out where else you visited?
    Love ya work!


  6. I’m an intermediate photographer, looking to get my first DSLR for international traveling – what do you recommend as a good starter camera, in terms of price and usability?

    PS- LOVE your blog. Huge inspiration!!!


    • Thanks so much for the support! Yay, DSLR is definitely the way to go..although be warned – you’ll be leaving a lot of other stuff behind so that you have space for all your camera gear ;) In terms of actual equipment – we’re currently using Canon 550D and 650D, with an array of lenses – 10-20mm, 40mm, 50mm and 200mm. Canon we found to be affordable, and exactly what we needed. As most of our content is for on-screen usage, we felt having something like the 650D and 550D to be more than enough. Our next purchase (hopefully) will be more along the mirrorless side of things, as we wouldn’t mind getting something less bulky and easier to take, on the day trips especially. We’re in love with the Fuji X-Pro1 and Olympus E-M10 II, so if you’re considering mirrorless, maybe try one of those out, although we highly recommend our faithful Canons too! Good luck!


  7. Love, love, love the photos !

    Liked by 1 person

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