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  1. Very cool guys.! Im a South African designer who has been living in Da Nang, Vietnam for 3 years. I am working with the local government on building and branding the cities sustainable development projects. I am lucky to have traveled a lot and most of South East Asia. It is the most incredible place and money takes you a lot further this side! Let me know if you want any recommendations? I have many! Enjoy your travels.


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  2. Hi guys!

    My name is Irene, my partner and I we are very close to the choice you have made! We hope to do the same thing soon!

    We live in Florence, I saw you are currently in Italy, if you visit Florence we would be happy to invite you for lunch or dinner! So that we can talk and being inspired :)


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  3. Sumit Chakraborty September 2, 2015 — 7:01 pm

    These are very inspiring.I hope to go on a same tour myself someday.
    Keep inspiring.

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  4. Hey, I travelled and will travel again, can hardly wait and your blog is inspiring :)

    I checked your wishlist.. If you need a place to stay to visit the Oktoberfest or have that Glühwein in Munich, I’dd be happy to host you. No toilet scrubbing involved.. ;)


  5. Hi guys!

    Congratulation for your wonderful adventure!

    You are not on Couchsurfing?? ( )People can host you for free everywhere around the world… And you don’t have to wash their toilets!

    If you cross the ocean and want to come near Montréal, (Québec, Canada), it will be a pleasure to host you… And even feed you for free for a few days!

    Have a good trip!

    Pierre-Jean et Patricia

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  6. this sounds just totally awesome indeed!


  7. Is it safe. did you have a plan, how do you know where u will be staying from place to place..


    • Hi Matt. We planned our journey about 6 months before leaving but have a lot of spontaneous trips in between the pre-planned ones. We organized a lot of our travels through contacting hosts prior to our arrival. All hosts are verified through the service so yes, they’re all safe. Good luck with your adventures!


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