Every traveler has his or her ‘wanderlist’. You know – the list of things that drove them to travel in the first place. Be it the great world wonders or places inspiring personal passion projects.

This is ours.

  1.  Catch a salmon in Alaska
  2.  Overlook the coastline in Positano, Italy
  3.  Visit the Fjords in Norway
  4.  See the Matterhorn in Switzerland
  5. Eat Copenhagens in Copenhagen, Denmark
  6. Go down the wooden slide in Hallstatt, Austria
  7. Sail through the Greek isles
  8. Go dancing in Berlin, Germany
  9. See Metric live
  10. Have a few beers at Oktoberfest in München, Germany
  11. Stand on a peak in the Alps
  12. Rent bikes in Copenhagen, Denmark
  13. Visit the abandoned boat house in Berchtesgarten, Germany
  14. Photograph the northern lights in Scandanavia
  15. Eat a baguette (or part of one, no need to be extreme) in Paris, France
  16. Have a pizza in Italy
  17. Learn to play the drums
  18. Camp under the stars
  19. Go mushing with Huskies
  20. Share a Gluwein at a Bavarian Christmas market
  21. Intern at a bakery
  22. Snap a photo of a dog walking in Central Park, NYC (for PixelPaws, of course)
  23. Take a train through the Alps
  24. Publish a book
  25. Snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland
  26. Stay up all night in Tokyo, Japan (inspired by Lost in Translation)
  27. Take a photo outside the Full House home in San Francisco, USA
  28. Learn a new language
  29. Sleep in an igloo
  30. Learn how to dance the Salsa
  31. Live abroad for a year +
  32. Rent scooters in Cambodia
  33. Visit a meditation temple in the East
  34. Spend NYE in NYC
  35. Have a Schnapps in the snow in Austria
  36. Go unplugged for a month
  37. Take a selfie with a Koala at Taronga Zoo, Australia
  38. Take a selfie with an Alpaca
  39. Camp in the Outback
  40. Explore the Banff National Park, Canada
  41. Take a photo of Yosemite at sunrise
  42. See an arctic fox in the wild
  43. Start a blog
  44. Learn to make gelato
  45. Take a road trip through the Norwegian fjords
  46. Start a business
  47. Take a road trip through South Africa
  48. See The Red Hot Chilli Peppers live
  49. Go one month surviving on just 5 euro per day
  50. Eat Turkish Delight in Istanbul, Turkey
  51. Cross the Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic
  52. Eat an N2 sorbet at N2 Sydney, Australia
  53. Have a coffee and Sachertorte in Vienna, Austria
  54. See the midnight sun
  55. Photograph the Fitz Roy Massif in Patagonia, Argentina
  56. Visit the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon, Iceland
  57. Photograph the sand dunes on the Arabian Peninsula, North Africa
  58. Learn to ski
  59. Stand on Wave Rock, Western Australia
  60. Visit at least one Patisserie in every country visited
  61. Have a countdown with friends for my 30th birthday, in a new city
  62. Take a stroll under the Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo, Japan
  63. Learn to play the didgeridoo in Australia
  64. Sleep in a hanging tent in the treetops
  65. Crawl through hidden caves in Algarve, Albufeira, Portugal
  66. Take a shot in front of the airplane in Sólheimasandur, Iceland
  67. Attend Kukur Tihar in Nepal
  68. Learn to surf
  69. Photograph Uluru at sunrise, Australia



Since we’ve embarked on our journey, we’ve received a ton of suggestions from YOU, our community members. Thank you for sending them all through. Below is what we have recorded thus far, and will hopefully get to experience soon.

  1. Create a campaign about preserving the natural and cultural places we visit (suggested by Raùl on WordPress)
  2. Create a pattern based on each region visited (suggested by @courtneykuhlman on Twitter)
  3. Design a pattern to be knitted (suggested by @stephyhforbes on Instagram)
  4. Spend an entire night (or more than one) out on the street with a homeless person (suggested by Bruno over email)
  5. Eat pizza in a hot air balloon (suggested by @mymoodymuse_aka_susynne on Instagram)
  6. Reach Magadan, Russia – the furthest place from home, based on temperature (suggested by Pi on WordPress)
  7. Visit Fiss, Austria (suggested by Lauren on Facebook)
  8. Visit Amsterdam (suggested by @lifeofroshelle on Instagram)
  9. Visit Tempelhof in Berlin (suggested by @laurenlemon on Instagram)
  10. Find the Buddy Bears in Berlin (suggested by @verenaphoto on Instagram)
  11. Drink German beer (suggested by @brettmagill on Instagram)
  12. Visit Trolltunga, Norway (suggested by @heyclarehey on Instagram)
  13. Visit Kjerag, Norway (suggested by @heyclarehey on Instagram)
  14. Visit the North Cape in Norway (suggested by @stefandahlqvist on Instagram)
  15. Go to the top of Holmenkollen Tower in Oslo, Norway (suggested by @lisee_mariee on Instagram)
  16. Go in the Katarina elevator, Stockholm (suggested by @camilleczupka on Instagram)
  17. Visit the friluftsbyn project, Sweden (suggested by Jerry on WordPress)
  18. Take the 20min train ride from Copenhagen to Malmö (suggested by @jesperberg on Instagram)
  19. Visit Hotel Kakslauttanen, Finland (suggested by Rachel over Email)
  20. Visit Mariehamn on Åland Island (suggested by @backpackerace on Instagram)
  21. Drink a Greek Coffee in the lovely port of Aegina, Greece (suggested by Paul on WordPress)
  22. See the yellow forests from the Victory Tower in Berlin, Germany (suggested by @uwa2000 on Instagram)
  23. Visit the Fotografiska Museum in Stockholm, Sweden (suggested by @amvphotography_)
  24. Go to the top of the TV Tower in Stockholm, Sweden (suggested by @llaura88)
  25. Eat Wienerbrød in Copenhagen, Denmark (suggested by @tattoo_addictt2210)
  26. Hire bikes and take a ride in any town in France (suggested by @rabiem on Instagram)
  27. Sail the harbour of Copenhagen, Denmark (suggested by @vinniyang on Instagram)
  28. See Christiania in Copenhagen, Denmark (suggested by @vinniyang on Instagram)
  29. Visit the flea markets and eat the street food in Copenhagen, Denmark (suggested by @vinniyang on Instagram)
  30. Visit the Jostrdalsbtreen Glacier near Jostedal, Norway and do a day hike (suggested by @amvphotography_ on Instagram)
  31. Go water rafting in Voss, Norway (suggested by @amvphotography_ on Instagram)
  32. Hike up the Fløyen in Bergen, Norway (suggested by lisee_mariee on Instagram)
  33. Shop at and eat something at the Fish Market in Bergen, Norway (suggested by @llaura88 on Instagram)
  34. Visit the Preikestolen in Stavanger, Norway (suggested by @sharrayaniccole on Instagram)
  35. Hike up Tatra mountains in Kraków, Poland (suggested by @goralka102 on Instagram)
  36. Visit Torino in Italy to taste the gelato and find patisseries (suggested by Roberta on WordPress)
  37. See the Cinquantenaire in Brussells (suggested by @raphdeutsch on Instagram)
  38. Visit Finland (suggested by @joyericaa and @helmimaru on Instagram)
  39. Explore Slovenia (suggested by @perfancynancy on Instagram)
  40. Visit Moscow, Russia (suggested by @sergeeva_smile on Instagram)
  41. Visit Madrid, Spain (suggested by @irene_gsm on Instagram)
  42. Visit Malaga Ciudad Genial, Spain (suggested by @LilianaSuleiman on Twitter)
  43. Drive to Mühlbach am Hochkönig, Austria (suggested by @eyestructure on Instagram)
  44. Visit Dublin, Ireland (suggested by @grinse.backe on Instagram)
  45. Visit Connemara, West Ireland (suggested by @omglahb123 on Instagram)
  46. Visit Achill Island, West Ireland (suggested by @silkcutsdeep on Instagram)
  47. Visit Ruszwurm in Budapest, Hungary (suggested by @climbombom5 on Instagram)
  48. Recreate “In Bruges” movie poster, Belgium (suggested by @danigeyer on Twitter)
  49. Visit a spa and eat cake in Hungary (suggested by Ambrus on WordPress)
  50. Visit the Rijksmuseum in The Netherlands (suggested by @jenteliene on Instagram)
  51. Visit Hönö, Sweden in Spring or Summer (suggested by @emsqg on Instagram)
  52. Visit Tre Riks Röset – where Sweden, Finland and Norway meet (suggested by @jnna on Instagram)
  53. Visit ice hotel in Arvidsjaur in Sweden (suggested by @jnna on Instagram)
  54. Catch the train from Stockholm to Gothenburg (suggested by @jnna on Instagram)
  55. Visit Urla, Turkey (suggested by @bilgeaux on Instagram)
  56. Visit Düsseldorf, Germany (suggested by @chinapuga on Instagram)
  57. Go to Rovaniemi in Lapland in the Winter and meet Santa Claus (suggested by @hopefulwanderer_journal on Instagram)
  58. Go roller blading along the Canal du Midi in Toulouse, France (suggested by Monica on WordPress)
  59. Visit Rostock, Germany (suggested by @seesuechtig and @nordlotsen on Instagram)
  60. Visit Bucharest, Romania (suggested by Bianca over Email)
  61. Make rose oil in the Valley of Rose, Bulgaria (suggested by Asya on WordPress)
  62. Visit the Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia (suggested by @amvphotography on Instagram)
  63. Take a photo in Venice (suggested by @kurtdarren on Instagram)
  64. Visit Cork, Ireland (suggested by @stephyhforbes on Instagram)
  65. Learn to dance the Horo in Bulgaria (suggested by Milin over Email)
  66. Visit the Jurassic Coast and Lake District of England (suggested by @elkabraphotos on Instagram)
  67. Go to Iceland (suggested by @sweet.pickles on Instagram)
  68. Visit Australia (suggested by @kimd2167 on Instagram)
  69. Throw a boomerang in Australia (suggested by @postcardsfromcuba on Instagram)
  70. Trek in the blue mountains in Australia (suggested by @lou.jenson on Instagram)
  71. Walk across Ayres Rock “Uluru”, Australia (suggested by @gerrieford on Instagram)
  72. Eat Vegemite in Australia (suggested by @thehangingtree75 on Instagram)
  73. Visit Melbourne, Australia (suggested by @thegratitudebike on Instagram)
  74. Shear a sheep in the Australian Outback (suggested by @amberthecelebrant on Instagram)
  75. Do a nature walk in New Zealand (suggested by @elijahjoelcollins and @tavalea on Instagram)
  76. See the Fjordlands in New Zealand (suggested by @lou.jenson on Instagram)
  77. Visit Indonesia to see half the world’s paradise (suggested by @amarilisnurditaa on Instagram)
  78. Visit Vietnam (suggested by @duongng1403 on Instagram)
  79. Take a selfie at the top of Tokyo Tower, Japan (suggested by Georgie on WordPress)
  80. Hike in Banawe Ifugao, Phillipines and spend a night in the Mountain province, overlooking the rice terraces (suggested by @xineel and @andruealcant on Instagram)
  81. Buy an Alamid Coffee in the Mountain of Mt. Manage, Sto. Tomas, Batangas, Philippines (suggested by Ara on WordPress)
  82. Visit Calle Crisologo in Vigan City, Ilocos Sur, Philippines (suggested by Ara on WordPress)
  83. Ride a jeepney in Philippines (suggested by Ara on WordPress)
  84. Go to the Phillippines to view the underwater sea life and beaches (suggested by @nash_potato87 on Instagram)
  85. Drink Lambanog in Philippines (suggested by Ara on WordPress)
  86. Eat Adobong Manok in Philippines (suggested by Ara on WordPress)
  87. Visit the Philippines (suggested by @haj_521 @marvieyoung @gutsharp and @raiinunez on Instagram)
  88. Go to Indonesia (suggested by @poergram on Instagram)
  89. Visit and explore Micronesia (suggested by @baroukgari on Instagram)
  90. Swim in jellyfish lake, Palau (suggested by @__joiedevivre on Instagram)
  91. Visit Macau, China (suggested by @teijasmedoon on Instagram)
  92. Visit Taiwan (suggested by @uyantien on Instagram)
  93. Ride a bamboo bike in the hutongs of Beijing, China (suggested by Claudio on WordPress)
  94. Visit the Char Dham pilgrimage sites in India (suggested by @ritualistically on Instagram)
  95. See the remote tribal village in Chattisgarh, India (suggested by @poo_ki_life on Instagram)
  96. Explore the multitude of tastes in India (suggested by @shreyayadava @abhinavmahesh @yash.wani and @sameerbagchi on Instagram)
  97. Eat the durain fruit and document our experience eating it in Malaysia (suggested by @abowloflaksa and @aselletee on Instagram)
  98. Visit Singapore (suggested by @cesarcanas on Instagram)
  99. Meditate and do yoga in Rishikesh, India (suggested by @LuckyRayRay on Twitter)
  100. Reach Hawaii, USA – the furthest place from home, based on geography (suggested by Pi on WordPress)
  101. Take a shower under a waterfall in the rainforest on Oahu, Hawaii (suggested by @ninalind252 on Instagram)
  102. Visit Miami, Florida (suggested by @daro_305 on Instagram)
  103. Visit Seattle, Washington, USA (suggested by @justjulie777 on Instagram)
  104. Kayak among the orcas in Puget Sound, Seattle, USA (suggested by @justjulie777 on Instagram)
  105. Visit NE Ohio, USA (suggested by @miceltho on Instagram)
  106. Have a glass of hard cider at Blue Mountain Cider Company in Milton-Freewater Oregon (suggested by @lori.larson50 on Instagram)
  107. Take a holiday in Mexico (suggested by @anya.epj on Instagram)
  108. Go white water rafting at the Grand Canyon, USA (suggested by @victoria_r_l on Instagram)
  109. Surf off the coast of El Salvador, followed by sunset watching (suggested by Vicinterlano on WordPress)
  110. Visit Pacific Northwest (suggested by Sally on WordPress)
  111. Have a pint in St. Augustine, Florida, USA – oldest city in USA (suggested by Heidi on WordPress)
  112. Photograph the Christo in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (suggested by @victoria_vidaofficial on Instagram and Thais on WordPress)
  113. Visit San Pedro de Atacama, Chile (suggested by @carosilvacanevaro on Instagram)
  114. Visit Peru and take a planking shot in Machu Picchu (suggested by Christian on WordPress)
  115. Visit the Dominican Republic (suggested by Jessica on WordPress)
  116. Visit Oaxaca, Mexico (suggested by Mitzigallaga on WordPress)
  117. Visit Mexico City, Mexico (suggested by Mitzigallaga on WordPress)
  118. Visit Riviera Maya, Mexico (suggested by Mitzigallaga on WordPress)
  119. Go skydiving over the dessert safari in Dubai (suggested by @devikadinesh25 on Instagram)
  120. Ride the fastest roller coaster, Formula Rossa, in Dubai (suggested by @devikadinesh25 on Instagram)
  121. Visit Bahrain, in the Persian Gulf (suggested by @kholo0d on Instagram)
  122. Visit the Tsingy of Bemaraha in Madagascar (suggested by @haley_nade on Instagram)
  123. Visit Missouri, USA (suggested by Sean on WordPress)
  124. Eat Durain fruit in Jakarta, Indonesia (suggested by Rina on WordPress)
  125. See the sunset at Bromo Mountain, Indonesia (suggested by Rina on WordPress)
  126. Swim in the Toba Lake, Indonesia (suggested by Rina on WordPress)
  127. Eat Buffalo Wings in Buffalo, NY, USA (suggested by Emily on WordPress)
  128. Take an airboat road in the swamp of New Orleans, USA (suggested by Megan on WordPress)
  129. Eat a beignet at Cafe du Monde in New Orleans, USA (suggested by Megan on WordPress)
  130. Hike along the Appalachian Trail, USA (suggested by Megan on WordPress)
  131. Camp on Chincoteague Island and watch the ponies swim in the ocean, Virginia, USA (suggested by Megan on WordPress)
  132. Zip line through the New River Gorge in West Virginia, USA (suggested by Megan on WordPress)
  133. Walk around the National Mall and see the Washington Monument and the White House, Washington, USA (suggested by Megan on WordPress)
  134. Visit Lithuania (suggested by Gintautas on WordPress)
  135. Climb to the top on Mount Washington (suggested by Reilly on WordPress)
  136. Visit “La Gran Sabana-Roraima” in Venezuela (suggested by Valeria on WordPress)
  137. Visit Indonesia (suggested by The Plath and Devina on WordPress)
  138. Visit Seoul, Korea (suggested by Laura on WordPress)
  139. Visit Manila, Phillippines (suggested by @eeeeerwin, Julius and Ian on WordPress)
  140. View the hanging coffins in Sagada, Phillippines (suggested by @eeeeerwin on WordPress)
  141. View the rice terraces in Banaue, Phillippines (suggested by @eeeeerwin on WordPress)
  142. Visit El Nido and Coron, Palawan, Phillippines (suggested by @eeeeerwin on WordPress)
  143. View the White Beach and Puka Beach in Boracay, Phillippines (suggested by @eeeeerwin on WordPress)
  144. Visit Bantayan and Malapascua, Cebu (suggested by @eeeeerwin on WordPress)
  145. Visit Panglao, Bohol, Phillippines (suggested by @eeeeerwin on WordPress)
  146. Visit Venezuela (suggested by Jameson on WordPress)
  147. Visit Missouri, USA (suggested by Sean on WordPress)
  148. Eat Durain fruit in Jakarta, Indonesia (suggested by Rina on WordPress)
  149. See the sunset at Bromo Mountain, Indonesia (suggested by Rina on WordPress)
  150. Swim in the Toba Lake, Indonesia (suggested by Rina on WordPress)
  151. Climb the hills of Costiera Amalfitana, and follow the Sentiero Degli Dei lemon tree pathway, Italy (suggested by Mimmo on WordPress)
  152. Visit Puglia, Italy (suggested by Mimmo on WordPress)
  153. Visit Verona, Italy (suggested by Guido over Email)
  154. Visit Boston, Massachusetts, USA (suggested by Michele over Email and Francesca on WordPress)
  155. Visit The Netherlands (suggested by Petra over Email)
  156. Visit Venice, Italy (suggested by Elisa over Email)
  157. Visit Albania (suggested by @megifilaj on Instagram)
  158. Visit Symi, small island near Rhodes (suggested by @_veraaaa_ on Instagram)
  159. Visit Miami, Florida, USA (suggested by @claudiallama on Instagram)
  160. Visit Bahrain in the Middle East (suggested by @asoomzsh on Instagram)
  161. Visit Cancun, Mexico (suggested by @pepe_sedano on Instagram)
  162. Try on a pair of cowboy boots and line dance in Texas, USA (suggested by @sweetbabyrae91 on Instagram)
  163. Visit Chile (suggested by @franitaaravenach on Instagram)
  164. Swim with wild dolphins and sealions in Baird Bay, Australia (suggested by Maddy on WordPress)
  165. Visit India (suggested by Harmaan on WordPress)
  166. Run-up to the grape harvests and have Barolo wine in the idyllic vineyard landscapes of Langhe, in Piemonte (suggested by Paolo, Elena and Tamara on WordPress)
  167. Visit Varanasi, India for inner peace & soul searching (suggested by Shwetank on WordPress)
  168. Visit Punjab, India (suggested by Anmol on WordPress)
  169. Enjoy a sauna and swim in a Finnish lake in Winter (suggested by Jaakko on WordPress)
  170. Visit Zacharo and Kaiafas beaches in Greece (suggested by Nikos on WordPress)
  171. Visit Lefkada, Preveza, Parga, Aherontas, Sivota and Corfu in Greece (suggested by Roy on WordPress)
  172. Visit Mexicali, Mexico (suggested by Mayra on WordPress)
  173. Visit Charleston, SC, USA (suggested by Shannon on WordPress)
  174. Visit El Nido Palawan, Philippines (suggested by Glenda on WordPress)
  175. Visit Batanes, Philippines (suggested by Glenda on WordPress)
  176. Go dune surfing in Merzouga (suggested by Randell on WordPress)
  177. Do the Annapurna Circuit Trek in Nepal and visit Myanmar (suggested by Francesca on WordPress)
  178. Cross the bosphorus of Istanbul, from Europe to Asia (suggested by Cansu on WordPress)
  179. Visit Skopelos, Greece (suggested by Adonis on WordPress)
  180. Visit Chicago, USA (suggested by Ankit on WordPress)
  181. Visit New Zealand (suggested by Diana on WordPress)
  182. Visit São Paulo, Brazil (suggested by Carlos on WordPress)
  183. Sail in a Venice canal in an old wooden boat (suggested by Ale and Roby on WordPress)
  184. Visit the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, USA (suggested by Aleksandr on WordPress)
  185. Visit Terni, Italy (suggested by Stefano on WordPress)
  186. Visit Columbia (suggested by Federico on WordPress)
  187. Visit the port wine cellars and see the longest night of our city, São João (23rd June to 24th June) and launch a balloon in Portugal (suggested by Marta on WordPress)
  188. Visit the Casale patisserie in Milan, Italy (suggested by Kekf on WordPress)
  189. Explore the giant underground wine cellars dug out of rock and aperitivo on the hills, Milan, Italy (suggested by Kekf on WordPress)
  190. Get lost in the adventurous and diverse mystique in India (suggested by Samrat on WordPress)
  191. Visit Batanes in Philippines (suggested by Raven on WordPress)
  192. Visit and stay the night at an old prison in Latvia, Karosta (suggested by Ksenia on WordPress)
  193. Visit the Lake District, Gavirate – Varese, Italy (suggested by Brian and Shelley on WordPress)
  194. Visit Transalpina, Romania (suggested by Cristina on WordPress)
  195. Visit Singapore (suggested by Jemimah on WordPress)
  196. Visit Mytilene, Greece (suggested by Anastasia on WordPress)
  197. Visit Georgia, USA (suggested by Nika on WordPress)
  198. Visit Southern Asia (suggested by Himalaya on WordPress)
  199. Visit Udine, Italy (suggested by Roberta on WordPress)
  200. Eat steak in Texas, USA (suggested by Urban Author on WordPress)
  201. Visit the Panama Canal and see the new expanded 3rd lane (suggested by Thomas on WordPress)
  202. Get to the East Coast of USA (suggested by Ryan on WordPress)
  203. Visit Nebraska (suggested by Kelly on WordPress)
  204. Toboggan down the Great Wall of China – Mutianyu section (suggested by Jessica on WordPress)
  205. Kayak on the Li River in Yangshuo, China (suggested by Jessica on WordPress)
  206. Go sledding in the Black Forest in Germany (suggested by Jessica on WordPress)
  207. Visit Christmas markets in Germany (suggested by Jessica on WordPress)
  208. Watch glass blowers making vases in Murano, Italy (suggested by Jessica on WordPress)
  209. Visit an onsen in Japan (suggested by Jessica on WordPress)
  210. Spend one night at a capsule hotel in Japan (suggested by Jessica on WordPress)
  211. Go to the Cailler chocolate factory in Gruyère, Switzerland (suggested by Jessica on WordPress)
  212. Swim in Valle Verzasca, Switzerland (suggested by Jessica on WordPress)
  213. Swim in Lake Como, Italy (suggested by Jessica on WordPress)
  214. Have iced chocolates at Serendipity Café in New York (suggested by Jessica on WordPress)
  215. Visit Meteora, Kalampaka (suggested by @Mpalatsos on Twitter)
  216. Visit Indonesia (suggested by @qonayu on Twitter)
  217. Visit Beijing, China (suggested by Anna on WordPress)
  218. Visit Chaclacayo, Peru (suggested by Gianfranco on WordPress)
  219. Visit Zurich, Switzerland (suggested by Annina over Email)
  220. Visit Boracay (suggested by @jeffsolomon82)
  221. Visit Venice (suggested by @thg2k on Twitter)
  222. Visit Sri Lanka (suggested by @ahamednizar)
  223. Visit Peru (suggested by Cati on WordPress)
  224. Visit Shanghai (suggested by Don on WordPress)
  225. Visit Pisa, Italy (suggested by Riccardo on WordPress)
  226. Visit Lucca, Italy (suggested by Riccardo on WordPress)
  227. Visit Siena, Italy (suggested by Riccardo on WordPress)
  228. Visit San Gimignano, Italy (suggested by Riccardo on WordPress)
  229. Attend Nowhere – the most important European event of the Burning Man community (suggested by Dario on WordPress)
  230. Visit the Republic of Moldova (suggested by Johnny on WordPress)
  231. Visit Philadelphia, USA (suggested by Supra on WordPress)
  232. Spend a day in Kamakura on the outskirts of Tokyo, enjoying the serenity of the temples and hiking trails after the mass of humanity in the city (suggested by Andrew on WordPress)
  233. Climb Mount Fuji and enjoy an all-nighter, watching the sunrise the next day (suggested by Andrew on WordPress)
  234. Take the Cactus to the Clouds trail, from Palm Springs to San Jacinto (suggested by Anthony on WordPress)
  235. Visit Montréal, Québec, Canada (suggested by Patricia on WordPress)
  236. Visit the South African War Museum in northern France and say hello to Thapedi, the Mpumalanga-born manager (suggested by Marion on WordPress)
  237. Visit Osteria Nonna Gina, Siena, Tuscany, Italy (suggested by Ben over email)
  238. Take the Midi-Perenees train ride over the Pyrenees mountains from Toulouse, France via Latour de Carol to Barcelona, Spain (suggested by Lizette on WordPress)
  239. Take the architectural river tour, Chicago, USA (suggested by Jillian over Email)
  240. Visit Volo dell’Angelo in the Basilicata region (suggested by Jillian over Email)
  241. Attend Woodstock Station Festival in Poland – biggest open air music festival in Europe (suggested by Anja on WordPress)
  242. Visit Bali, Indonesia (suggested by Asta on WordPress)
  243. Have dinner with Angie and Jeff in Melbourne, Australia (suggested by Jeff on WordPress)
  244. Visit San Salvador, El Salvador (suggested by Roger on WordPress)
  245. Visit Ukraine (suggested by Vitaly on WordPress)
  246. Visit Shangai (suggested by Don on WordPress)
  247. Take a bike ride from Manali to Leh-Ladakh, India (suggested by Nidhi on WordPress)
  248. Visit the Isle of Skye, Scotland (suggested by Samuel on WordPress)
  249. Visit the underground river in Palawan, Phillippines (suggested by Eds on WordPress)
  250. Eat a green chile breakfast burrito whilst watching the sunset from the top of the Sandia Mountains in Albuquerque, New Mexico (suggested by Endionajones on WordPress)
  251. Visit London (suggested by Noelina on WordPress)
  252. Roast marshmallows over a live volcano over Vanuatu (suggested by Simon on WordPress)
  253. Visit the Twin Cities in Minnesota, USA (suggested by kbwooster on WordPress)
  254. Join a “Samba School” in Rio and be part of the Carnival Parade (suggested by Alex on WordPress)
  255. Visit the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro (suggested by Petar on WordPress)
  256. Go coral reef diving whilst staying on a ship in Raja Ampat, Papua, Indonesia (suggested by Sharon on WordPress)
  257. Hug an orangutan in Borneo, Kalimantan, Indonesia (suggested by Sharon on WordPress)
  258. See the Taj Mahal in India and Bangalore, India (suggested by Sumit on WordPress)
  259. Visit Bermuda through the Bermuda Triangle, and live to blog about it (suggested by Ron on WordPress)
  260. Visit Portugal (suggested by Andre on WordPress)
  261. Visit India (suggested by Syed on WordPress)
  262. Visit Spencer Island, Bermuda (suggested by Ron on WordPress)
  263. Eat fish and oysters in Ribeirão da Ilha, a small fishing village in Florianopolis, south of Brazil (suggested by lsgermana on WordPress)
  264. Learn French (suggested by Claire over mail)
  265. Swim in the Atlantic ocean when it’s cold, in Brittany, France (suggested by Claire over mail)
  266. Visit Iran (suggested by Tayeb over email)
  267. Do the 2000km Rickshaw Challenge in a tuktuk, and take the Mumbai Xpress (suggested by Min over email)
  268. Stand with 2 feet in 2 different seas in Skagen, Denmark (suggested by Maja on WordPress)
  269. Drink a cold draft beer in Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil (suggested by Thiago on WordPress)
  270. Visit the penguin colonies at the “end of the world” in Ushuaia, Argentina (suggested by Kaila on WordPress)
  271. Visit Coron Palawan, Philippines (suggested by Claire on WordPress)
  272. Visit El Nido, Philippines (suggested by Claire on WordPress)
  273. Swim with the Giant Whale Sharks in Cebu Philippines (suggested by Claire on WordPress)
  274. Eat a banana with a monkey in Brazil (suggested by Isabela on WordPress)
  275. Eat yummy “pupusas” and learn how to make it in El Salvador (suggested by Melany on WordPress)
  276. Drink Portuguese wine in Lisbon, Portugal (suggested by Julia on WordPress)
  277. Visit the cities of Periera, Columbia (suggested by Allison on WordPress)
  278. Visit the Meow Parlour to play with cats and eat treats in Chinatown, New York, USA (suggested by Allison on WordPress)
  279. Visit Mexico (suggested by Jocelyn on WordPress)
  280. Eat breakfast (with all-you-can-pour fresh maple syrup) at a Cabane-à-Sucre (“Sugar Shack”) during the “Sugar Season” in Spring in Quebec, Canada (suggested by Michael on WordPress)
  281. Try the fresh cider at Apple Hill during the Apple Season in the Fall, California, USA (suggested by Michael on WordPress)
  282. See the forests in October in rural New England, USA (suggested by Michael on WordPress)
  283. Swim with dolphins and sea lions in Baird Bay, South Australia (suggested by Steve over email)
  284. Ride a hot air balloon through the Yarra Valley in Melbourne, Australia (suggested by Steve over email)
  285. Walk down the old Karavolades stairs in Santorini, Greece (suggested by Karen on WordPress)
  286. Visit the National Mall in Washington DC, USA (suggested by Zeehan on Skype)

If you have any more suggestions or challenges, pop them below in the comments section!

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Add yours →

  1. Visit Ushuaia, Argentina also known as the “End of the World” if you can. I’ve heard it’s beautiful. There are penguin colonies, sailing, plenty of opportunities for adventure silhouettes I’m sure and you’ll have been to the end of the world!


  2. Visit El Nido or Coron Palawan in the Philippines! Swim with the Giant Whale Sharks in Cebu Philippines!


  3. visit brazil and eat a banana with a monckey


  4. Eat “pupusas” and learn how to make it in El Salvador, they are yo yummy!


  5. If you can, please visit Colombia in South America. It’s where most of my family is from and it’s a beautiful country! Visit the cities of Periera and Cali if you can! Also, if you’re planning to go to NYC at some point, visit the Meow Parlour, in Chinatown! You can play with some cats and eat some treats too. You kinda need to make a reservation before going, but they take walk-ins too sometimes. Good luck on your journey!


  6. 1. Eat breakfast (with all-you-can-pour fresh maple syrup) at a Cabane-à-Sucre (“Sugar Shack”) in Quebec, Canada. (As a note, these are only open seasonally, in the Spring, during “Sugar Season”.) There are some all over Maple territory in Eastern Canada and New England, but I think the ones in QC are probably the best.
    2. Try the fresh cider at Apple Hill in California, during Apple Season (the Fall). I honestly think the apple cider they make there is the best in the world (I keep looking for something that can compete with it, and I keep being disappointed).
    3. Visit rural New England in the Fall (it’s mixed forest, and it’s amazing in October). Random Google Pictures: https://goo.gl/QLfoYS

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  7. Walk down the old Karavolades stairs in Santorini, Greece!

    Liked by 1 person

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